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Harley&Davidson Softail Custom 1996 "Wojtocykl"

Custom motorbike built based on Harley&Davidson Softail Custom 1996.

Motorbike designed and completed in HD Šalamounka Prague, Czech Republic

01/2015 TMP

This customized Softail Custom from 1996 is another motorbike we present on our site that is coming from Prague's HD Šalamounka.

Team from Šalamounka HD bikes was at this time inspired by Style of Californian Exile Cycles. 


Bike received longer front fork and as frame is not adjusted, it makes the front part higher.

The original frame is not customized except for rear part where wider wheel is used that comes from V-ROD model.  


Petrol tank as well as front light comes from Sportster. Rear fender is created for this bike specially. Both parts are painted in matt army khaki color. 



Changes on engine EVO 1340 are quite limited. S&S air intake on the right side is one of them.


Original exhaust is changed for open long wrapped pipes. 



Wide handlebars are equiped with turn signals at ends. Small rear mirror is located on left side. 

White star on petron tank in style of US Army.


You can visit official HD Šalamounka www pages or Facebook page for more information.

Photos by TMP 09/2014. See complete photo gallery on our web here.

TMP 01/2015